No Day After Tomorrow


I was watching the movie The Day After Tomorrow on TV the other day.  The movie depicts a monumental climate change that causes Earth to go into its next ice age.  Twenty minutes in, the video starts cutting in and out.  Fearing it was my TV dying I changed the channel but it seemed that the picture was only going in and out for this one movie.  Making it even stranger was the fact that the picture cut in and out when the actors were saying big lines from the movie.  Almost as if the lines themselves were meant to hold some deeper meaning to the intent of this attack. At a meeting the lead scientist played by Dennis Quaid explains the dangers…. “I think we’ve hit a critical desalinization point,” he says as the picture flickers a bit. Later, Sam, Dennis Quaid’s son in the movie, has a crush on this girl but he is afraid to tell her.  It seems another boy is interested in her too.  He talks with his academic decathlon teammate about it. “Man you’ve got some serious competition,” his teammate says. Sam shakes it off, “Please!” “And I’ll bet he’s really rich too,” says… [ Read More ]