Missing parts.

“Can you run the tests again?” “We’ve run them three times. The results have been the same every time.” “But there has to be something wrong!” “Not with the test results…” “What’s that supposed to mean?!” “I’m just saying that the tests are accurate, and were accurate all three times we ran them.” “Well, that doesn’t leave me with many options now… does it?” “… no.” “You’re sure there’s not just something broken or out of alignment? Something that can be repaired or replaced?” “No… it’s just… not there. As far as I can tell, it’s never been there.” “What? What do you mean?” “When you were assembled, something must have gone wrong…” “… and this part…” “Was left out of you… yes.” “but I’ve never noticed  that it  missing!” “You’ve never had it… how could you miss it?” “It’s something every other unit has…“ “Yes, but it’s not visible. And you can function without it.” “But I can’t function without it. That’s why I’m here!” “What I meant was that you can go through your every day and not miss it.” “Yes, but that’s not what I was built for, was it?” “…” “This is why I haven’t been… [ Read More ]

Nik’s Frankenstory ’09

(This was my entry when I first test drove this idea with a few friends in 2009) I barely notice the crunch of leaves as my foot hits the pavement.  I’m breathing hard. I can feel my heart beating against my chest. My thoughts are pounding in my head. It’s a cold night. When the sun went down, it took all the warmth of the world with it. I can see my breath. I pull my chin down to try to keep my neck from freezing. There’s no one on the street. I look left then right, and I’m alone. The peace that sometimes accompanies moments like these is not coming now. I push my hands deeper into my pockets and keep walking. I look up, startled for a moment as the street lamp turns off in as I walk towards it. If there’s a sensor, isn’t it supposed to turn on when I get close? The light turning off made me feel… sinister. My hands are cold, my head is spinning.  A dog starts barking at me startling me again, it’s behind a fence, good thing too, it’s big and looks really angry. I didn’t even see it until… [ Read More ]