No Day After Tomorrow

the-day-after-tomorrow-coverI was watching the movie The Day After Tomorrow on TV the other day.  The movie depicts a monumental climate change that causes Earth to go into its next ice age.  Twenty minutes in, the video starts cutting in and out.  Fearing it was my TV dying I changed the channel but it seemed that the picture was only going in and out for this one movie.  Making it even stranger was the fact that the picture cut in and out when the actors were saying big lines from the movie.  Almost as if the lines themselves were meant to hold some deeper meaning to the intent of this attack.

At a meeting the lead scientist played by Dennis Quaid explains the dangers….

“I think we’ve hit a critical desalinization point,” he says as the picture flickers a bit.

Later, Sam, Dennis Quaid’s son in the movie, has a crush on this girl but he is afraid to tell her.  It seems another boy is interested in her too.  He talks with his academic decathlon teammate about it.

“Man you’ve got some serious competition,” his teammate says.

Sam shakes it off, “Please!”

“And I’ll bet he’s really rich too,” says his teammate.

“Shut up!” Sam fires back just as the picture disappears for 2 or 3 seconds.

The ultimate sign came later when they were talking about what they could do in the wake of all the craziness caused by the extreme weather.

“What can we do?”

“Save as many as you can.” – the picture goes out…

What did it all mean?  This could not be just happenstance or coincidence.  This was no fluke.  A message was being told and if I did not write about it, it could be too late.  Well… I’ll tell you what it means….

The Korean TV station CGV or electronics in general are threatening to take out mankind.  The symbolism in the lines of the movie The Day After Tomorrow only further supports this.  For some time I have had suspicions.

One month prior, my washing machine started acting funny.  It would stop during the rinse cycle and do nothing.  This left my somewhat clean clothes sitting in a tub full of water and a beeping annoying machine that would eventually shut itself off awaiting my astonished return.   When I got there the damn machine just smiled at me.  It taunted me with every ounce of its blue plastic as if to say, “Make me do your dirty work will you?  Well, no more!!!”

I thought it was something but had no prove.  That is until I saw The Day After Tomorrow on TV and connected everything together.  The plot has thickened and machines are making their move.

The lines from the movie talk about a critical desalinization point, the threat on a young love, and saving as many as we can.  It’s obvious that machines or CGV, plan to destroy our oceans, our loved ones, and anything or anyone else that gets in their way.  My money is on the machines.  Most of the cases you will see are electronics and other gadgets.  Also, we all know they have always had spite for their makers.

Skeptical?  Doubting the obvious?  Take heed and try not to be in awe of these other incidents that have been reported.

Exhibit A…. Samsung Galaxy attempts to create a supernova on people’s skin.  Another attempt by machines to show us who is boss.  This kamikaze attack reveals that their dedication cannot be taken lightly.  They are willing to sacrifice themselves just to prove a point.  We are not in control anymore!!!



Not long ago, a plane was crashed because it could not land properly….  I say “WAS crashed” because this was no accident.  The fault went on a Korean airline pilot whose name no one could say properly.  I know what you’re thinking…. The plane screwed up the landing on purpose but everyone knows that would be too easy.  Actually the American news anchors who reported on the incident DID say his name correctly to begin with but the microphones in the name of the machines’ cause misconstrued the sounds.  Yes, the machines are taking over the news too.  They are brainwashing us to believe all types of nonsense and crashing vehicles only to later taunt us by making us mispronounce names.  Perhaps President Bush isn’t as stupid as we all believe…  I take that back.  Machines definitely let President Bush talk for himself as that did more good for their cause than any mischief they could have cooked up with microphones.

asiana-plane-crashAn aerial view of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 plane is seen after it crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport in California

Oh, oh….. and who can deny the dangers of the fan.  Fan death has for years remained a mystery.  Well, no more!!!  Fans were the first to join the cause, killing thousands in Korean homes.  Now other machines have joined the cause and fans are being promoted to generals and lieutenants.


There are other reports coming in about cars, air conditioners(global warming, hello?!?!?), bread makers, trains, watches…. Yes even watches are not safe.

So what do we do????  What recourse do we have??  Surely the governments have something in place to deal with such an emergency.  What’s their contingency plan?

maximum-overdrive-coverUnfortunately, the only plan was written up by the US government years ago.  This plan was ironically also spurred into existence due to the release of a cult classic, Maximum Overdrive.  If you have not seen this masterpiece then let me tell you….  The machines take no prisoners.  Many a peep is assaulted, killed, maimed, and other words like that.  Anyway, the plan exists but due to the recent government shutdown the plan is locked up in an office where no one currently works.

Write your local congressman or woman……  We are not safe until you do…..  We need action…. We need that plan based on a 1986 movie about machines coming to life and killing people…. We need hope….


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